Daily Archives: November 13, 2016

Oy, I’m gutted

Perhaps this is a temporary problem. More will be revealed through further study of the situation.

I have always relied on the internet archive “wayback machine” to access old content from the Ranch, such as my father’s many entries there. I think there is also a copy of the site on an external hard drive I have in storage in Texas, assuming that is still functional and I don’t stop paying the rent on the place. There is also a good deal of his writing on mine and his Facebook profiles, so I can always turn those back on in order to access and copy it down from there. But that is by no means the entirety of it.

This morning I typed in the URL to the wayback and found that no iterations of the site are available any longer due to “robot .txt”. I have a sinking feeling that because I have begun re-publishing the site using WordPress the archive has gone back and erased all of the previous crawls it had done on the Ranch. My fear is that they are forever erased. I realize that nothing is ever actually gone forever on the internet, but I am currently unable to bring up any of my old content.

I will make a yeoman effort, in any case. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

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