Thursday, November 17, 2016

“The epitome of the human realm is to be stuck in a huge traffic jam of discursive thought.” – Chogyam Trungpa

Good morning.

I slept past 7am this morning. The skies looked threatening, and the wind was up, so I put on yesterday’s clothes, made my bed, and took the dogs right out. Within just a few minutes of our return the rain started. Now there is the rocking of the wind and swirling beat of the raindrops on my RV. I like that, as long as I know the dogs have had the chance to poop. Perhaps we’ll get that snow today.

I’m not sure what to read now.

This might be a nice lifestyle if it didn’t involve fixing the roof on the place. I’m not real handy:

I should get busy loading content on here, but I’m still bummed about losing so much stuff that had previously been on the internet archives for the Ranch. I reckon that’s a good reason to write new stories. Also, I had used some real names back then not thinking about the fact that those people might someday be on the internet as well and perhaps look themselves up. Add to that the fact that I can run for office now and no one is the wiser, and I’m golden. Still hate that I’ve lost all of dad’s postings from the Ranch and all of Tasso’s stories and more besides. I miss reading Tasso.

Angela at Network Solutions was real nice to me today, so hello Angela, and gracias.

I think tonight I’ll begin reading “The Chaco Meridian” about political and religious power in the Southwest over the last thousand years, and perhaps i’ll add some more stuff to the Ranch.


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