Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I’ve been house-sitting in Olathe this week and haven’t had much internet access out there, aside from instagram and email from my phone with rapidly dwindling data therein.

I must say it’s been rather refreshing.

I just stopped in town to make sure my RV is still intact and took a moment to add some social media widgets to the Ranch for grins.

There is still a great deal of old content coming on mom and dad’s pages and a bit more on my own. But mostly, I just wanted a place to hang out online without the endless stream of feel-bad from all over the world streaming down the page in front of my eyes. I can dredge up enough of that on my own without having it repeatedly reinforced from without unsolicited.

Now, I’ll gather a few things and head back out to Olathe. I’m planning on going to the fairgrounds here in town  tomorrow for their annual Thanksgiving feed with strangers. I’ve been invited by a few folks to join them each at their various family gatherings, but that always feels a bit odd to me. I heard that the folks at the fairgrounds put on a good meal, and it might be fun. I’ve got a bunch of DVDs out in the country, and today I plan on watching all of the old Planet of the Apes flicks and the entire Omen set as well, including the remake. I’ve also got Life of Brian and a box set of Perry Mason, cuz I like that.

Mom used to really like Judd for the Defense. I’ve never seen that.

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