Sunday 4 June 2017

Even as my employer slumbers yet will I momentarily set about silently and assiduously increasing the leisure of others, first at the pool, then in various and sundry other places here in the park. I have, in fact, become the cantankerous old man of Scooby Doo fame who, if not for those damned kids, would have succeeded in his fiendish plot.

so now I’m over in the west dorm. Murphdog took one for the team last night, and I’m over in the air-conditioned, double-matted comfort with my buddy Nate, so our gay-ass jailhouse bromance may continue to flourish. That is as it should be, but I’m rather surprised at Murph for being so selfless and taking a top bunk. We steady talk shit to one another every day. I’m not sure how to act now. Though I will get on him about his mess, albeit politely at first.

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