Daily Archives: January 18, 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Just finished my rounds in the Gator. It’s crisp outside at 20F but not too bad.

I really like living in a town where I can see the Milky Way at night. I work with people whose company I enjoy. I have the happy expectation of gardening and all the fun that planning for that entails. I’m making steady though very incremental progress with school. I’m certainly not starving. My dogs are healthy. I have a few very good friends.

These are the moments that banish loneliness, regret, anxiety, and the incumbent sadness all otherwise ubiquitous at my age. None of those things are far away if I care to prick that pregnant vein with a point of desire. But it takes a very short list of these qualities of life for which I am thankful to make all that negativity recede into the mist. In this way I may midwife my own happiness daily and remain engaged. I can lay my head down tonight thankful for all of that, because I looked for it and engaged in it willfully.

I don’t expect happiness. I simply want life to be interesting. And I am never disappointed, because I am always interested in the smallest things about my days and grateful for them all.

Life is a big adventure.

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