Are we part of a brainstorm

and might be edited out?

Feeding time for Kali?

Sister Corita assigning

One hundred versions of the same problem…

Desperation pushed to break boundaries

In search of new patterns.

Old Shaman watches through other eyes – –

a stone, a virus, a star,

eagle, pocket mouse, window:

“The window looks out on…”

or the speck of dirt

under my fingernail…

Where would the stone be?

A mossy stone: “Stony Mossbacker surveyed

the landscape around him…”

They’re living, I hear,

part of the vital earth,

which we are possibly killing off

right now,

bombing back to the Stone Age,

back to the rock face

of a Spanish cave

tattooed with animals





┬ęBarbara Fryrear 1999