Wake-Up Call


Fat hyacinth nudges pale green

through moist earth

Flicker hammers high in oak

Robin gazes from plump

chinaberry twig

Quince flames

at touch of morning sun

Bluebonnet seedlings glisten

five points with dew

King Alfred poises

golden trumpet

Narcissus nods

White flower winks up

from strawberry bed

Pear blossoms bursting

Crocus lifts virgin cup

Plum tree spills perfume

Mocker pours

new silver into air

Cardinal answers ‘spear – spear’

from honeysuckle thicket


Startled, I stand

on quick blue stars – –


Slip away

Close door

Turn on TV

Take nap

lest Gaia wake

in me, too,

and I burn with

holy fire





┬ęBarbara Fryrear 2003