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BUTCH has given much thought to the full panoply of flawed human theory and practice, and her opinions on same tend to range from the merely jaundiced to the excoriating. Given such a brimming sea of errors and misdeeds from which to choose, it is surprising that so far her concerns seem rather limited. Why she should have chosen these themes and no others is a mystery, and That Which Provides Food's basement is even now full of psychics and priests trying to solve it through frantic divination by cowries, yak bones, Tarot cards, and dice. Much could hinge on the answer. But when one does finally come, BUTCH's fertile mind is likely to have wrecked the curve by adding another essay on, who knows, spelling reform or Hunan cuisine. Be sure to check back, as something new will surely cause her dewlap to swell and her head to bob every so often.

Be a Good Freak and Kill a Hippie

On the Knocking of the Guitar
in "If 6 Were 9"

School Prayer and Other Ostentatious Displays of Religious Hegemony

The Final Solution for the Taliban; or, The Great Satan and How to Cut It Off

Just Who Are You and Why Are You Holding My Hand? Some Notes on Walt Whitman's Self-Disclosure and Sexual Identity

A Drug Ain't a Drug
Ain't a Drug

Civil Obedience

Why You Can Take Your Lame Freedom-of-Association Arguments and Stick Them up Your Ass

Where Have All the Wild Things Gone?

BUTCH's Lessons to Be Heeded in Online Discourse