Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I’ve been house-sitting in Olathe this week and haven’t had much internet access out there, aside from instagram and email from my phone with rapidly dwindling data therein.

I must say it’s been rather refreshing.

I just stopped in town to make sure my RV is still intact and took a moment to add some social media widgets to the Ranch for grins.

There is still a great deal of old content coming on mom and dad’s pages and a bit more on my own. But mostly, I just wanted a place to hang out online without the endless stream of feel-bad from all over the world streaming down the page in front of my eyes. I can dredge up enough of that on my own without having it repeatedly reinforced from without unsolicited.

Now, I’ll gather a few things and head back out to Olathe. I’m planning on going to the fairgrounds here in town  tomorrow for their annual Thanksgiving feed with strangers. I’ve been invited by a few folks to join them each at their various family gatherings, but that always feels a bit odd to me. I heard that the folks at the fairgrounds put on a good meal, and it might be fun. I’ve got a bunch of DVDs out in the country, and today I plan on watching all of the old Planet of the Apes flicks and the entire Omen set as well, including the remake. I’ve also got Life of Brian and a box set of Perry Mason, cuz I like that.

Mom used to really like Judd for the Defense. I’ve never seen that.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

“The epitome of the human realm is to be stuck in a huge traffic jam of discursive thought.” – Chogyam Trungpa

Good morning.

I slept past 7am this morning. The skies looked threatening, and the wind was up, so I put on yesterday’s clothes, made my bed, and took the dogs right out. Within just a few minutes of our return the rain started. Now there is the rocking of the wind and swirling beat of the raindrops on my RV. I like that, as long as I know the dogs have had the chance to poop. Perhaps we’ll get that snow today.

I’m not sure what to read now.

This might be a nice lifestyle if it didn’t involve fixing the roof on the place. I’m not real handy:

I should get busy loading content on here, but I’m still bummed about losing so much stuff that had previously been on the internet archives for the Ranch. I reckon that’s a good reason to write new stories. Also, I had used some real names back then not thinking about the fact that those people might someday be on the internet as well and perhaps look themselves up. Add to that the fact that I can run for office now and no one is the wiser, and I’m golden. Still hate that I’ve lost all of dad’s postings from the Ranch and all of Tasso’s stories and more besides. I miss reading Tasso.

Angela at Network Solutions was real nice to me today, so hello Angela, and gracias.

I think tonight I’ll begin reading “The Chaco Meridian” about political and religious power in the Southwest over the last thousand years, and perhaps i’ll add some more stuff to the Ranch.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I walked home tonight singing Blaze Foley songs to myself. It was one of those “cold, cold world” days, I suppose. That’s not a bad thing. It wasn’t particularly even cold today. The world was friendly enough, and my acquaintances are warm enough. There is nothing compelling complaint today. I reckon my pace was fit the tune as I walked.

I’m fat. There is no one to wipe away my problems and few to even distract me from them. It’s just grown-up stuff answering a circumstance impelled by childishness, or perhaps more accurately mindlessness. That’s nothing new for me and not really even a deal-breaker. I’ll stick around and see it through, Inshallah.

I did find this in my mailbox when I got home tonight, which is cool.


Tomorrow I’ll make jalapeno cornbread to go with the beans and greens I made today. That’s about as ambitious as I plan to be at this point. I’ll also start a new book. I’m finishing up “Hunger” by Knut Hamsun. I finished Dostoevsky’s “Notes from Underground” the other day and “The Last War Trail” a few days prior to that. I’m on something of a roll in that respect.

I’m about to go spend a week in Olathe house-sitting for a friend of mine while he sees his family in San Jose, CA. I reckon I can get some work done on the website and get some books read and play with the dogs off-leash a lot, hopefully in the snow.

We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow, but it’s too warm for it right now.

I reckon that’s the farm report for now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Good morning!

I’ve got myself all lined out for the day. Let’s see how much of this actually gets done. I have someone coming over to drive me about a bit, rather than me walking to All Saints first thing this morning.  I suppose the only downside to that is I’ll miss reading and walking. I have things to do today. I need to do laundry, bathe Buddy, switch out my water line to the heated one, empty and sweep my storage unit and take the chairs to the thrift store.

They’re saying it should finally snow here on Thursday.

I had to buy fatboy pants yesterday, and I may get yet another pair today. That’s disappointing, but not surprising, I reckon.

I have a great deal of content to load up on the Ranch that I pulled off of my Facebook page while I had it back up for a moment. That will also give me something to do for a bit. I have books to read and things to write. Things could be worse.


Oy, I’m gutted

Perhaps this is a temporary problem. More will be revealed through further study of the situation.

I have always relied on the internet archive “wayback machine” to access old content from the Ranch, such as my father’s many entries there. I think there is also a copy of the site on an external hard drive I have in storage in Texas, assuming that is still functional and I don’t stop paying the rent on the place. There is also a good deal of his writing on mine and his Facebook profiles, so I can always turn those back on in order to access and copy it down from there. But that is by no means the entirety of it.

This morning I typed in the URL to the wayback and found that no iterations of the site are available any longer due to “robot .txt”. I have a sinking feeling that because I have begun re-publishing the site using WordPress the archive has gone back and erased all of the previous crawls it had done on the Ranch. My fear is that they are forever erased. I realize that nothing is ever actually gone forever on the internet, but I am currently unable to bring up any of my old content.

I will make a yeoman effort, in any case. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

A New Start

Social media has become a time-suck and negative feedback loop for me. I’ve had the Ranch since 1998 but took it offline for a few years. I figure this is a much better use of my time and energy than seeing what you’ve eaten or hearing the latest ill-informed political rant from someone who never cracked open a Civics text. I have loads of old stories, bad poetry and thousands of images to load back up and keep me busy for a while. I have the collected works of my mother and father and some friends who previously posted on the Ranch in years past. Perhaps I will publish all of that once again.

Oddly enough, my life has circled back to almost the exact place where it lay when I first published online almost exactly eighteen years ago for the first time. The circumstances look a bit different, but they are more or less the same. I am now living in a campground in Colorado where before I was in an apartment in Dallas, Texas across the street from the projects. I am once again caught up in the toils of the justice system because of choices I made behind a long string of devastating loss. I suppose the principle difference now is that everyone is now gone. All the trees in my forest have fallen over time. Everyone remaining who knows me is a thousand miles away.

So I’ll get busy.