A New Start

Social media has become a time-suck and negative feedback loop for me. I’ve had the Ranch since 1998 but took it offline for a few years. I figure this is a much better use of my time and energy than seeing what you’ve eaten or hearing the latest ill-informed political rant from someone who never cracked open a Civics text. I have loads of old stories, bad poetry and thousands of images to load back up and keep me busy for a while. I have the collected works of my mother and father and some friends who previously posted on the Ranch in years past. Perhaps I will publish all of that once again.

Oddly enough, my life has circled back to almost the exact place where it lay when I first published online almost exactly eighteen years ago for the first time. The circumstances look a bit different, but they are more or less the same. I am now living in a campground in Colorado where before I was in an apartment in Dallas, Texas across the street from the projects. I am once again caught up in the toils of the justice system because of choices I made behind a long string of devastating loss. I suppose the principle difference now is that everyone is now gone. All the trees in my forest have fallen over time. Everyone remaining who knows me is a thousand miles away.

So I’ll get busy.