Chester is Norma’s Yorkshire terrier. I call him the “piñon (pine nut)-powered floor mop. He’s usually pretty grubby, since Jean doesn’t bathe him often. He’s so delicate, with the digestive system of an infant, we’ve been told. Chester’s got horrendous breath. “Whatcrawledupinsideyouandgaveuptheghost?” breath. When he licks my beard, I notice Zeke wince a little. hehehe.

Chester is allowed to roam the table freely. For some guests, it’s hard to get used to. But he’s not allowed up during meals of course. I can rev Chester like a little two-cycle engine just by rubbing his panza at different speeds. Why not spoil this little mammal?

I haven’t gotten sick in two years. I think I owe Chester for that.


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